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Note: This is not an exhaustive list of consultancy capability. Please contact our offices directly if you have further requirements.

Environmental Impact Statements


The environmental consultancy service conducts environmental impact assessments (EIA) and composes the resultant environmental impact statements (EIS) for a broad range of projects. The multidisciplinary team has considerable experience in performing the necessary studies and research and have completed many projects to the satisfaction of the customer involved. Recently completed projects include E.I.S's for food processing facilities, wind farms, quarries, housing developments, piggeries and caravan parks, and continual involvement in other E.I.S's. The E.I.A. team consists of a group of both in-house consultants and external experts. Specialist fields covered include assessments of the air and climate, soil, hydrogeology and ecology of the area, evaluations of the cultural heritage and archaeology of the area, social and/or economic impact assessments, noise and traffic studies.

Environmental Management Systems (EMS) & Environmental Management Plans


The environmental consultancy service can prepare Environment Management Systems (EMS) and Environmental Management Plans for a wide range of businesses.

Integrated Pollution Prevention Control Licences (IPPC) & AER


Consultancy staff have the full resources of the laboratories available to them to assist in conducting the studies needed to complete an integrated pollution control licence. Several licences have been completed to date. In addition to licence preparations, we can offer licence compliance in the form of environmental monitoring, Annual Environmental Reports (AER), environmental management systems, clean technology reports and environmental audits.

Environmental Monitoring


Environmental monitoring includes that for water, air, soils, noise and other matter. Compliance monitoring may include any of the following:

• Surface /Ground /Estuarine /Seawater monitoring and analysis.
• Noise Monitoring.
• Soil /Sediment /Aggregate /Sludge /Organic solids analysis.
• Dust emission by Bergerhoff/BS and Frisbee methods.
• Stack emission monitoring.
• Boundary monitoring.
• Soil sampling, mapping and nutrient management plans.

Site Assessment for planning


The consultancy service can provide a range of site assessments for planning purposes. This includes site percolation tests, hydrological and flood risk assessments.

Toxic Waste / Contaminated Land / Contaminated Water Investigations and Advice on Remediation


Southern Scientific Services Ltd has the capability to advise on the treatment of toxic waste. Analysis is performed to determine the existence and concentrations of toxic substances. An assessment is made on the extent of contamination or quantity of toxic water on site. Categorization in accordance with the European Waste Catalogue is made if required. Disposal, treatment or remediation proposals are prepared for local authorities and EPA approval.

Effluent and Waste Treatment (Licence and Permit applications)


Evaluation, analysis and recommendations for wastewater treatment can be supplied. Such work has previously been carried out for effluents from sources as wide-ranging as the fish industry and the metal fabrication and processing industry and also for leachate from landfill. We can evaluate existing treatment systems having regard to the latest standard EPA manuals, BS6297 and EN1127. We act as consultants to a number of manufacturers of waste water treatment plants.
We can also conduct surface water assessments for discharge licences and prepare waste permit applications to Local Authorities.

Miscelleneous Environmental Assessments


A variety of environmental reports and applications are completed for different reasons. A number are listed hereunder to illustrate the range of capability within the company:

• Facility assessment to determine environmental impact of emission.
• Quarry registration applications {Section 268 Planning Act 2000} and
   compliance monitoring.
• Assimilative capacity assessments for inclusion in discharge
  licence applications.
• Nutrient management plans for landspreading of bio-solids.
• Planning appeals to An Bord Pleanala.
• Ecology reports for specific developments e.g. wind farms, housing
  developments, piggeries.
• Pollution incident investigation report.
• REACH compliance.
• Water quality report including biological water quality assessments -
  Q Rating.
• Site assessment for planning of single house or larger developments.
• Land reclamation applications.
• Waste Facililty/Collection Permit Applications.

Solid Waste


Composting trials (including analysis, a comprehensive report and the subsequent recommendations) have been carried out on sludge from number of companies. In addition, consultancy service is provided for companies involved in composting. We have completed evaluation reports on compost from a number of composing facilities in the waste treatment sections of the pharmaceutical and agricultural sectors.

Chemical Processes


Recommendations and advice are provided on the use and handling of chemicals and on industrial chemical processes. We can compile MSDS information, interpret MSDS information and provide commentary on the contents of MSDS data.

Air & Noise Monitoring


The facilities of the analytical laboratory (including the use of a wide range of equipment) are available to members of staff, who have considerable experience in the area of air monitoring. Large numbers of air monitoring projects have been completed including: solvent vapour, metals and particulates PM10 & PM2.5, NOx, SOx, COx, PCBs, H2S, HCl, HF & Cl2.

Considerable air monitoring has also been carried out as part of E.I.S. studies. These include boundary monitoring for dust and other relevant parameters. We have continuous contract to monitor boundary dust using the deposition gauges {Bergenhoff / BS types} for a number of companies.

Southern Scientific Services Ltd can also carry out Noise Surveys for compliance monitoring, inclusion in E.I.S documents or addressing complaints in relation to noise from private individuals.

Additional capabilities include:

• Air monitoring of stacks for dust, inorganic and organic components.
• Air dispersion modelling to determine impact on sensitive receptors from
   air pollutants emitted from point and diffuse sources.
• Occupational hygiene monitoring of in-house areas and personnel for
   compliance with Health and Safety Regulation N10SH/OSHA limits.



Advice is provided on the use of cleaning and corrosion prevention chemicals and the use of chemicals in water and effluent treatment and in electroplating.

Water Purification Systems


Advice is provided on the choice, use and installation of drinking water filters and dosing unit.

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