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Environmental Consultancy

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Southern Scientific Services Ltd provides an extensive environmental consultancy service. These consultancy services include:

• Surface water assessments, which include stream flow measurements,
  freshwater ecology assessments, and assimilative capacity calculations
  for discharge licence applications, amongst other things,
• Hydrological and flood risk assessments,
• Waste permit applications,
• Discharge licence applications,
• Percolation tests and other site assessments.

The company also provides a full monitoring service in the areas of water, air and soil with the support of accredited in-house laboratory facilities. Specifically, these services include:

• Surface water and groundwater monitoring,
• Dust and noise monitoring,
• Stack emission monitoring including dust by stackmite, PM10 and PM2.5,
• Soil nutrient, textural and structural analysis,
• Compliance monitoring for IPPC, Waste Licences, Water Pollution
  Licences, Waste Permits