Increased Private Drinking Water Well Grant: 8 Benefits to a Private Well

Drinking Water Well Grant

Increased Private Drinking Water Well Grant: 8 Benefits to a Private Well

Government Increases Funding for Private Drinking Water Well Grants

Mr Eoghan Murphy, T.D. Minister for the Department of Housing, Planning & Local Government has announced a new investment programme for water services in rural areas. This includes increasing the drinking water well grant available to homeowners for refurbishment works or installation in rural areas. The maximum funding available for renovation has been increased to €3,000, and where a new well is required, the total amount is €5,000. Renovation works include installing disinfection systems like UV treatment and filters to ensure your water is safe to drink.

The changes to the private drinking water well grant scheme are planned to come into effect by the end of April 2019. To apply for the Well Grant in your area, please get in touch with your local authority.

well owner drinking waterWhy is private drinking water from a well beneficial?

Private well water can offer several benefits, making it a desirable water source for many individuals and households. Here are some reasons why private well water is considered beneficial:

  1. Independence and Control: One of the most significant advantages of having a private well is the independence and control it provides over your water supply. You are not reliant on a municipal water system, and you have the flexibility to manage your water source according to your needs.

  2. Cost Savings: In many cases, private well water can be more cost-effective in the long run compared to paying regular water bills from a municipal provider. Once the well is installed and maintained, the water itself is generally free.

  3. Quality Control: Private well owners have more direct control over the quality of their water. They can implement water treatment systems or take measures to ensure the water meets their specific standards and preferences.

  4. Consistent Supply: Private wells can provide a consistent and reliable supply of water, especially in rural areas where municipal water infrastructure may be limited or unreliable.

  5. Reduced Chemical Exposure: Some individuals prefer well water because it typically contains fewer chemical additives, such as chlorine or fluoride, often found in treated municipal water supplies.

  6. Taste and Odor: Many people find that well water has a clean and natural taste, which can be preferred over the taste of chlorinated tap water.

  7. Environmental Impact: Private well water does not rely on extensive water treatment and distribution systems, reducing the energy and resources needed for water delivery. This can have a smaller environmental footprint.

  8. Potential for Self-Sufficiency: Private well water is a key component of self-sufficient living, especially in rural or remote areas. It allows homeowners to live off the grid and reduces their reliance on external utilities.

It’s important to note that while private well water offers several benefits, it also comes with responsibilities. Private well owners are responsible for the maintenance, testing, and safety of their water supply. Regular testing for contaminants, proper well maintenance, and adherence to local regulations are essential to ensure the ongoing quality and safety of well water. Apply for the Private Drinking Water Well Grant. 


Am I eligible for a private drinking Water Well Grant?

You qualify for a Private Drinking Water Well Grant if:

  • Your house is over seven years old
  • You haven’t received a grant for the house within the last seven years and
  • You’re not connected to a public water supply.
  • Residential Property Ownership


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