Increased Private Drinking Water Well Grant

Private Drinking Water Well Grant

Increased Private Drinking Water Well Grant

Government Increases Funding for Private Drinking Water Well Grants

Mr Eoghan Murphy, T.D. Minister for the Department of Housing, Planning & Local Government has announced a new investment programme for water services in rural areas. This includes increasing the drinking water well grant available to homeowners for refurbishment works or installation in rural areas. The maximum funding available for renovation has been increased to €3,000, and where a new well is required, the total amount is €5,000. Renovation works include installing disinfection systems like UV treatment and filters to ensure your water is safe to drink.

The changes to the private drinking water well grant scheme are planned to come into effect by the end of April 2019. To apply for the Well Grant in your area, please get in touch with your local authority.

Am I eligible for a Private Drinking Water Well Grant?

You qualify for a Private Drinking Water Well Grant if:

  • Your house is over seven years old
  • You haven’t received a grant for the house within the last seven years and
  • You’re not connected to a public water supply.

Southern Scientific provides a fully accredited Drinking Water Suite to allow our customers to comply with the requirements of all Local Authority Well Grant Applications.

You can order a free sampling kit from our website by clicking here. 

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