New Northern Ireland Soil Testing Requirements Aims to Boost Farming Success

Northern Ireland Fields Under New Soil Testing Requirements

New Northern Ireland Soil Testing Requirements Aims to Boost Farming Success

What are the new requirements?

Northern Ireland farmers will soon be required to conduct soil testing on their land before using chemical phosphorus-rich manures and phosphorus fertilisers.

Tractor applying fertiliser to field

When will these soil testing requirements be introduced?

This requirement will take effect from 1 January 2020 under the Nutrient Action Programme 2019-2022. Farmers receiving the Basic Payment Scheme must comply with soil testing requirements.

Regular soil testing is vital to ensure the correct fertiliser is used. Fertiliser costs represent good value for money when used correctly. However, fertiliser application rates that are either too low, or too high will yield lower returns on the investment made (Agriland).

How can we help?

At Southern Scientific, we offer an extensive range of Agricultural Soil Suites to customers nationwide, including Northern Ireland.

Contact us to arrange to test – We would be happy to discuss your soil testing requirements and any queries you may have.

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