Discussing Farmers’ Carbon Future

Grass grown with carbon sequestration

Discussing Farmers’ Carbon Future

What is Soil Carbon Analysis?

This is the process of measuring the amount of carbon present in the soil. This can be done through a variety of methods, including chemical analysis, physical analysis, and biological analysis. It is important because soil carbon plays a critical role in soil health and fertility and is also a significant contributor to global carbon cycles. Understanding the amount and distribution of soil carbon can help us better understand the impacts of land use and management practices on soil health and can also help inform efforts to mitigate climate change by increasing sequestration in soil.

Our Discussion With MTU Ag Scientist James McCarthy

In this video, Southern co-founder Michael Murphy speaks to MTU Ag Scientist and Farmer James McCarthy about the future of farming with carbon sequestration. Michael and James discuss its benefits for the environment and farming practices, how farmers could be compensated and how we’re testing for carbon in the soil at Southern Scientific.

Watch Here:

How can Southern Scientific help?

Our Soil & Agricultural Material Laboratory is the largest in the country, processing over 60,000 soils per year. With over 25 years of soil testing experience, we offer the most comprehensive range of tests on Soil and Agricultural Material. We work with private agricultural consultants, horticulturists, industry, private individuals, state bodies including local authorities and Teagasc. The laboratory is well equipped with a large range of modern equipment. All analysis is performed to rigorous specifications, and a quality control system (ISO 17025) is in place to ensure the reliability of the results.

You can learn more about our soil carbon testing here.

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