What You Should Know About PFAS Chemicals In Your Water – Explained in 90 Seconds

PFAS Chemicals

What You Should Know About PFAS Chemicals In Your Water – Explained in 90 Seconds

PFAS testing is becoming increasingly important as public bodies around the world are researching more into the effects of these chemicals.

PFAS chemicals are present in the bloodstream of nearly every human on the planet. They are omnipresent because they are used in a variety of products such as non-stick pans, furniture, waterproof coats, makeup and much more. They are incredibly useful because they are resistant to oil, water and grease.

So, what’s the issue?

The new EU Drinking Water Directive includes limits for Total PFAS of 0.5 µg/L and the sum of 20 PFAS of most concern of 0.1 µg/L. (EPA)

PFAS Chemicals in the body restructure cell barriers and have been linked to diseases such as non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and kidney, testicular, prostate, breast, liver, and ovarian cancers. They are also undetectable by human senses.

These “forever chemicals” are difficult to remove from drinking water, needing to be exposed to extremely high temperatures for 2 seconds. Even boiling your water is not sufficient. Activated carbon treatment best-studied removal method, but on a mass scale, it is expensive to perform.

How can Southern Scientific help?

At Southern Scientific, we are now offering testing for PFAS chemicals.

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