Tackling Enterococci Contamination: Important Changes to Drinking Water Regulations.

Enterococci Testing

Tackling Enterococci Contamination: Important Changes to Drinking Water Regulations.

Is there feacal contamination in your drinking water?

Enterococci are a family of bacteria present in nature, with some species of the enterococci family being dangerous to humans.

In drinking water, enterococci presence indicates the presence of environmental contamination (specifically faecal contamination as naturally these bacteria reside in the gut microbiome of humans and animals) which can lead to dangerous clinical manifestations.

Changes to Drinking Water Regulations.

With changing regulations and growing concerns, we at southern scientific services plan on uncovering the hidden dangers in your drinking water and taking the necessary measures to ensure your family has a healthy supply of water.

We rely on water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and maintaining our health, as water bears significant importance in our livesWe at Southern Scientific Services are leading the way in providing you with the necessary information and tests to ensure your family’s safety from contaminated water.

As concerns about water contamination grow, domestic households must be aware of the potential risks and take necessary precautions.

What is the importance of testing for enterococci in drinking water at your home?

Research has shown that these bacteria cause enterococcal infections that range in severity from urinary tract infections (UTIs), to bloodstream infections that can develop into more severe infections in the heart (endocarditis) and lining of the brain tissue (meningitis). 

For the safety of your family, monitoring for enterococci helps identify potential risks to your family’s health and enables water suppliers to take appropriate action to address any potential risks to your safety. 

For families with children, pregnant or nursing individuals, elderly household members, those with weakened immune systems, or even new homeowners, it’s especially crucial to ensure the safety of your drinking water.

But how can you ensure your drinking water is safe? 

In Ireland, there are strict regulations in place to ensure water supplies are of high drinking quality.

These water safety regulations ensure that drinking water services meet safety standards by keeping water free from harmful bacteria like enterococci. 

How are we at Southern Scientific Services working to make drinking water safer for you?

Our team at Southern Scientific Services provides comprehensive water testing solutions to ensure compliance with the latest regulations.

In 2020, the Drinking Water safety regulations in Ireland were updated to reflect the latest scientific evidence to improve the quality of drinking water and monitor levels of specific bacteria, including enterococci.

Our team keeps up to date with the latest scientific evidence and regulations to provide you with accurate and timely results for enterococci testing to ensure safe drinking water.  

How Southern Scientific Services is helping in the fight against enterococci?

Our team of experienced scientists and state-of-the-art laboratories are equipped to handle the new testing requirements, including the detection of enterococci in drinking water.

As a testing solutions provider, Southern Scientific Services prioritises your safety with over 25 years of experience in drinking water analysis.

With our team of scientists, we can assist in the fight against enterococci by providing specialised equipment, expertise, and services related to water testing.

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What does the future look like with enterococci testing?

The future of safe drinking water is bright when you trust Southern Scientific Services to lead the fight against enterococci and help to ensure that you can continue to enjoy safe and clean drinking water for generations to come.

Ensure your family’s health and well-being with Southern Scientific Services’ reliable testing solutions to make sure your water is free from harmful bacteria, such as enterococci. By improving the quality of our drinking water, we can enjoy a healthier and more sustainable future. 

For your water testing solutions, visit our drinking water page to get your water tested for Enterococci and more today.

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