Dangerous Water Systems: Legionella Prevention and Testing Guidelines

Legionella Testing

Dangerous Water Systems: Legionella Prevention and Testing Guidelines

How can you optimise your water safety with the Legionella Prevention Guidelines?

Water is a fundamental resource that many business owners rely on for various activities, including water systems such as showers, swimming pools, faucets, jacuzzies, or whirlpool spas.  Did you know that these water systems are areas where Legionella bacteria particularly thrive in? These bacteria cause severe respiratory infections and can be fatal.

Spa pools and jacuzzies are a recognised source of legionnaire’s disease and therefore need to be sampled from and tested for the presence of legionella bacteria on a quarterly basis. It may need to be more frequent if there are doubts or concerns regarding the effectiveness of the pool management system. Swimming pools are not a recognised source of Legionella. However, because they contain water above 20°C, the bacterium may be present. 

In this video, we want to advise you on how to keep your staff, customers, or visitors safe from the legionella bacterium. 

Why is it so important to keep your business safe from the spread of this bacterium?

Legionella is a dangerous bacterium that causes severe pneumonia leading to a systemic infection known as Legionnaires’ disease. The first identification of the legionella bacteria in 1976 was due to a severe outbreak of pneumonia leading to the discovery of ‘Legionnaires Disease’. Since then, scientists have identified over 50 species as part of the Legionella family of bacteria. 

This airborne bacterium is inhaled via water droplets that come from contaminated sources such as showerheads and pools, which are often areas that contain hot or cold water. Once the bacterium enters the lungs, it can multiply and grow. This infection manifests in symptoms such as high fever, cough, and chest pain which can develop into severe respiratory failure, septic shock, and organ damage. 

With the prevalence of this bacteria increasing, there is a need for more extensive testing for this bacterium in all commercial businesses including hotels, hairdressers, leisure centres, shops, gyms, and swimming pools.

The safety of your staff, customers, and guests could be at risk. Particularly customers/guests who are elderly, immunocompromised, or have pre-existing health conditions, are at high risk of contracting Legionnaires’ disease if the business’s water system is not properly managed and tested for Legionella bacteria.

The question is, what can you do to protect them?


Did You Know There Are Specific Guidelines For Legionella Prevention For Your Business?

The following 4 steps are recommended:   

  1. IDENTIFY AND ASSESS RISK – This involves identifying the risks of having particular water systems, and the equipment associated with them such as pumps, heat exchangers, showers, swimming pools, etc.  
  2. PREPARE A SCHEME – This involves appointing key personnel to help meet the health and safety standards of the legionella prevention guidelines. This person has the responsibility of managing the risks. 
  3. IMPLEMENT SCHEME – a scheme will be set up to prevent the risk of legionella.  
  4. KEEP RECORDS – if there are 5 or more employees as part of your business you are required to keep records of your safety checks.

Our team is dedicated to helping you follow the Legionella prevention guidelines every step of the way. We provide personalized recommendations to ensure that your business is compliant and safeguarded against Legionella.

How Do You Develop An Effective Strategy For Following The Legionella Prevention Guidelines?

Our Legionella testing kit is backed by the latest prevention guidelines, ensuring that your business meets industry standards and regulations. 

Testing for legionella bacteria as part of the legionella prevention guidelines.


How Do We Perform Legionella Prevention Testing?

   3 steps:

    1. Ordering: You can order your Legionella testing kit online or over the phone (see below). 
    1. Sample Collection: After you order, we will contact you to arrange for our sample technician to take the sample from your premises. 
    1. Analysis and Results: Accurate indicator results will be received on Day 10 after sample collection. A full comprehensive report will be issued 14 days after sampling. 


Help in this fight against the Legionella bacterium!

All commercial businesses should routinely test for Legionella and E-coli to demonstrate that bacteria counts are acceptable.

However, there is a particular need for the following: 

  • Hotels, bars, restaurants. 
  • Hairdressers. 
  • Shops. 
  • Crèches. 
  • Gyms and swimming pools. 
  • GAA and recreational clubs. 
  • Anywhere the public uses using water for hygiene purposes.  

 Southern Scientific Services ensures that water systems are regularly tested to identify potential risks at €75 per Legionella Prevention testing kit. 

How Can I Get Started With Legionella Prevention?

Contact Southern Scientific Services today at +353 (0)66 97 63588 or visit our website for more information to safeguard your water systems and protect your business, employees, and customers.



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