A Dive into Laboratory Equipment at Southern Scientific Services

A Dive into Laboratory Equipment at Southern Scientific Services

Laboratory Equipment has to be of the highest standards to achieve the most accurate results. In the world of scientific research and analysis, the quality of data and results depends greatly on the precision and reliability of the laboratory equipment used. Southern Scientific Services, a trusted name in the Irish scientific community, places a strong emphasis on providing cutting-edge laboratory equipment and solutions to meet the diverse needs of researchers, scientists, and industries. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at some of the key laboratory equipment used by Southern Scientific Services to facilitate groundbreaking research and innovation.


The Importance of Laboratory Equipment!

1. Spectrophotometers: Shedding Light on Molecular Analysis

Spectrophotometers are invaluable tools for researchers in fields ranging from biochemistry to environmental science. These instruments measure the scattering, absorption, reflection, and transmission of light, allowing scientists to analyse the concentration of molecules in a sample. Southern Scientific Services offers a range of spectrophotometers, from UV-Vis to infrared models, to cater to various analytical requirements. These instruments enable precise quantification of nucleic acids, proteins, and other compounds, aiding in DNA sequencing, drug discovery, and more.

Laboratory Equipment- Spectrometer_Feature
Spectrometer: Diagram Reference.

2. Chromatography Systems: Separating the Complex

For researchers involved in chemical analysis and separation of complex mixtures, chromatography systems are indispensable. Southern Scientific Services provides access to high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and gas chromatography (GC) systems. These instruments allow for the separation and identification of compounds with exceptional accuracy, making them essential for pharmaceutical development, food safety testing, and environmental monitoring.

High Performance Liquid Chromatography HPLC
Simple HPLC Diagram

3. Microscopes: Unveiling the Microscopic World

Microscopy is at the heart of many scientific discoveries, and Southern Scientific Services offers a range of advanced microscopes for various applications. From light microscopes for routine laboratory work to cutting-edge electron microscopes capable of atomic-scale imaging, these instruments provide insights into the structure and behaviour of materials and biological specimens.

Laboratory Equipment compound microscope
Compound Microscope Diagram.

Beyond Laboratory Equipment: Expertise and Support

Southern Scientific Services not only provides top-quality laboratory equipment but also offers comprehensive training, maintenance, and support services. Their team of experts ensures that researchers have the knowledge and resources they need to operate equipment efficiently and maintain it for long-term reliability.

To understand what happens when your sample goes through the laboratory -> Watch the Samples Journey Through the Lab Here!


Quality and Control of Laboratory Equipment.

What is ISO Accreditation?

Southern Scientific achieved ISO accreditation under the ISO 17025 standard for testing and calibration laboratories. This prestigious accreditation signifies our laboratory’s competence, impartiality, and dedication to producing accurate and reliable results. To maintain this accreditation, we adhere to a rigorous quality management system that encompasses every aspect of our operations. Along with approval from the following organisations:

Quality Control Measures Are Used To Ensure Accurate Results.

  • EPA Inter-calibration Programme for both Chemical & Microbiological Analysis
  • R.C. Aquackeck Scheme for Chemical Analysis
  • Laboratory Inter-calibration Programme run by the Public Health Laboratory London for Microbiological analysis.
  • Department of Agriculture Salmonella Ring Trial
  • Food EQA Shellfish Scheme
  • LGC Contest Scheme for Contaminated Land
  • Sigma-Aldrich Pharmaceutical and Environmental Proficiency Schemes


In conclusion, laboratory equipment is the backbone of scientific research and innovation. Southern Scientific Services plays a crucial role in advancing scientific endeavours across Ireland by providing state-of-the-art instruments and unwavering support. Whether you’re working in academia, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, or any other field of science, Southern Scientific Services is your trusted partner in the pursuit of precision and progress.


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