How to Choose the Right Drinking Water for Your Animals!

How to Choose the Right Drinking Water for Your Animals!

The Best Drinking Water For Your Animals!

Learn how water quality impacts your furry friend’s health, and find out which water for your animals—filtered, bottled, or tap water—best suits their needs.

As pet owners, ensuring the well-being of our animals is a top priority. While we focus on their nutrition, shelter, and medical care, we often overlook a critical element: the water they consume. Water is a vital component of their health, and the quality of the water we provide can make a significant difference. In this blog, we’ll explore the importance of selecting the right water for your animals.

Drinking Water For Your Animals


Why Water Quality Matters…

Water is essential for maintaining proper bodily functions in animals, just as it is in humans. It plays a crucial role in digestion, temperature regulation, and overall hydration. Therefore, it’s essential to consider drinking water for your animals and the quality of this water to ensure your animals remain healthy and happy.

Choosing Drinking Water for Your Animals

Source of Water: The source of water matters. Animals can drink from various sources, including tap water, well water, pond water, or natural spring water. Consider the quality and potential contaminants of the water source.

Contaminant Levels: Test the water for contaminants such as bacteria, heavy metals, nitrates, and chemical pollutants. High levels of these substances can harm animals and affect their health.

Mineral Content: Depending on the animal’s species and needs, mineral content can be crucial. For example, some animals require water with specific mineral levels for optimal health.

pH Levels: pH levels can impact water taste and digestibility. Ensure that the water’s pH is within a suitable range for your animals.

 Drinking Water for Your Animals


Choose the Optimal Drinking Water for Your Animals!

1. Filtered Water 

Filtered water is an excellent choice for providing animals with clean, safe, and great-tasting water. Here are some benefits:

Removal of Contaminants: Water filtration systems can effectively remove various contaminants, ensuring that the water your animals drink is free from harmful substances.

Improved Taste: Filtered water often tastes better, encouraging animals to drink more, which is especially important in hot weather to prevent dehydration.

Healthier Animals: Clean water contributes to overall animal health and reduces the risk of waterborne illnesses.

2. Bottled Water 

Bottled water is safe to give your animals. However, it can be costly to give your animals constant access to bottled water.

Consistency: Bottled water often maintains consistent quality and taste, making it a reliable choice.

Contaminant-Free: Bottled water is typically tested for contaminants, ensuring it meets safety standards.

Mineral Profiles: Some bottled waters offer specific mineral profiles that can benefit certain animals.

Convenience: Bottled water is easily accessible and can be a practical choice for smaller animals or when traveling.

3. Tap Water 

Tap water has many benefits, which are discussed below. Studies have addressed the exposure of dogs to disinfection by-products and if they are linked to bladder cancer in dogs. Disinfection by-products are a result of water filtration and disinfection using chemicals such as chlorine. No link was found between overexposure of disinfection by-products to bladder cancer in dogs.

Cost-Effective: Tap water is generally cost-effective and readily available.

Quality Oversight: Tap water is subject to rigorous regulatory oversight, ensuring safety and quality.

Environmental Impact: Opting for tap water can reduce plastic waste associated with bottled water.


The type of water you provide to your animals can significantly impact their health and well-being. Water quality matters, and ensuring that your animals have access to clean, safe water should be a top priority. Consider testing your water source, investing in filtration systems if needed, and monitoring the water your animals consume to promote their health and happiness. At Southern Scientific, we understand the importance of water quality, and we offer advanced testing and filtration solutions to help you provide the best water for your beloved animals.

In short, if you live in a country where it is safe to drink tap water, then it’s safe for your animals to drink tap water. If you are worried about the quality of the water for your animals, we at Southern Scientific offer drinking water testing services. 

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