Private Well Water: The Illusion of Control in Rural Ireland

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Private Well Water: The Illusion of Control in Rural Ireland

In many parts of the world, including rural Ireland, private well water is used for daily water needs. Unlike urban areas with public water systems, these individuals are responsible for ensuring the quality of their drinking water.

A recent research paper, “Risk Perceptions Toward Drinking Water Quality Among Private Well Owners in Ireland: The Illusion of Control“, delves into the fascinating world of private well water in rural Ireland. It sheds light on how well owners perceive the quality of their water and how it affects their willingness to test it.


The Illusion of Control:

The study’s central focus is on the perceptions and behaviours of private well owners in areas devoid of public or group water systems. What makes this research particularly intriguing is its exploration of the concept of the “illusion of control” among well owners. This illusion of control refers to the tendency of individuals to believe they have more influence over their water quality than they do. Consequently, this perception can lead to underestimating contamination risks and a reduced motivation to test the water regularly.


Key Findings of this Study:

  1. Underestimation of Contamination Risks: One of the primary findings of the research is that well owners often underestimate the potential risks associated with their well water. This underestimation can be attributed to their belief that they have a significant degree of control over the quality of their water source. Unfortunately, this may lead to a false sense of security, as they are more likely to dismiss the possibility of contamination and avoid water testing.
  2. Reduced Motivation for Regular Testing: The perception of control over water quality also directly impacts the well owners’ willingness to test their water regularly. When individuals believe they can maintain water quality through their actions alone, they are less likely to invest in water testing services. This can pose significant health risks, as contaminants may go undetected for extended periods, potentially leading to health issues.



The implications of these findings are substantial, emphasising the importance of addressing the illusion of control among private well owners. While their sense of responsibility for water quality is admirable, reminding them of the potential risks and the importance of regular water testing is crucial. Here are some key takeaways from this research:

  1. Promoting Water Testing: Encouraging private well owners to test their water regularly is vital. Public health authorities and relevant organisations should provide educational resources and incentives to motivate individuals to take this crucial step.
  2. Raising Awareness: Disseminating information about the real contamination risks is essential to dispel the illusion of control. This can be achieved through public awareness campaigns, community workshops, and outreach programs.
  3. Collaborative Efforts: Private well owners can benefit from sharing their experiences and knowledge with others in similar situations. Community networks and support groups can help individuals make informed decisions about water quality management.

Irish Private Well Owners

Need for Regular Well Water Testing for Private Well Water

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Take Home Message For People Who Have Access to Private Well Water

The research paper on the illusion of control among private well owners in rural Ireland has shed light on a critical issue affecting water quality and safety.

  • While the sense of responsibility exhibited by well owners is commendable, addressing their underestimation of contamination risks is essential.
  • By promoting regular water testing and raising awareness about the potential dangers, we can ensure that rural residents can access clean and safe drinking water.
  • It is a shared responsibility that requires collaborative efforts from individuals, communities, and public health organisations.



1. Hooks, Teresa et al. “Risk Perceptions Toward Drinking Water Quality Among Private Well Owners in Ireland: The Illusion of Control.” Risk analysis: an official publication of the Society for Risk Analysis vol. 39,8 (2019): 1741-1754. doi:10.1111/risa.13283

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