Water Monitoring For Different Bodies of Water: Rivers, Lakes, Groundwater, and Estuaries and Costal Waters

Water Monitoring for 4 Different Water Bodies

Water Monitoring For Different Bodies of Water: Rivers, Lakes, Groundwater, and Estuaries and Costal Waters

Water Monitoring is essential to ensure the continued availability of clean, safe, and sustainable water sources. We rely on this comprehensive process for public water safety. In this blog, we will delve deeper into the world of water monitoring to better understand its significance.

The Importance of Water Monitoring for Different Bodies Of Water 

Water monitoring serves numerous purposes, such as safeguarding public health by detecting contaminants in drinking water, protecting ecosystems by identifying pollution sources, and supporting various industries by ensuring compliance with water quality standards. Technological advancements have made real-time data collection and analysis more accessible, improving our ability to address water-related challenges efficiently.

Water Monitoring For Different Bodies of Water

Water monitoring for different bodies of water requires different parameters for each specific water body in Ireland, which are discussed in this blog. Specific parameter testing is essential for water monitoring for different bodies of water because it allows for accurate and context-specific assessments, addressing the unique characteristics and potential challenges associated with each water source.



Ireland’s river network spans over 73,000 km, with the Shannon River being the longest and largest, discharging an incredible volume of water into the sea. The national rivers monitoring program, managed by the EPA, focuses on main river channels, encompassing biological, physical, and chemical parameters to assess water quality.

  • Biological monitoring occurs every three years: Invertebrates (animals without a backbone, such as mayflies or worms), Aquatic plants, Diatoms (a type of algae), and Fish (monitored by Inland Fisheries Ireland).
  • Physical and chemical parameters are measured multiple times annually: Dissolved oxygen, Nutrients (such as nitrogen and phosphorus), Hazardous substances, Temperature, and pH (acidity).


Water Monitoring for different bodies of water

River Shannon


Ireland boasts over 12,000 lakes, with Lough Corrib being the largest, holding around 800 billion litres of water, a vital source for two million people. The EPA runs a national lake monitoring program, covering 224 lakes, assesses a variety of ecological and physical parameters, ensuring the responsible management of this vital freshwater resource. Parameters include

  • Plants and Animals once every three years: Phytoplankton (tiny, free-floating plants), Diatoms (type of algae), Aquatic plants, Invertebrates, and Fish (monitored by Inland Fisheries Ireland).
  • Chemical and Physical Parameters are measured several times a year: Nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus, Dissolved oxygen, Temperature, Water clarity, and Colour.
  • Hydrological Parameters: For more on parameters for Water Levels.



Water Monitoring for different bodies of water
Lough Neagh


Groundwater, essential for drinking, agriculture, and sustaining ecosystems, originates from rainfall and snowmelt, and during dry periods, it feeds streams and rivers. In Ireland, the EPA manages groundwater within 514 bodies, monitoring quality and levels at approximately 330 stations, safeguarding this vital resource from pollution caused by various human activities.

  • Standard Suite (tested 3 times a year)-  pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, orp, coliform bacteria, e.coli, alkalinity, total hardness, colour, turbidity, total oxidised nitrogen (as N), ammonium, nitrite, nitrate, total phosphorus, ortho-phosphate, total organic carbon, silica, chloride, fluoride, sulphate, sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, manganese, boron, aluminium, chromium, nickel, copper, zinc, arsenic, cadmium, antimony, barium, lead, uranium, mercury, cobalt, molybdenum, strontium, silver (stopped in 2013), beryllium, selenium, thallium, vanadium.
  • Additional Suite (tested every 6 years)- pesticides, organic compounds (including PFAS), pharmaceutical compounds.


Water Monitoring for different bodies of water

Estuaries and Costal Waters

Ireland boasts a vast and ecologically significant coastline, with a seabed territory exceeding 880,000 km2, contributing to an ocean economy valued at approximately €1.8 billion in 2016. The National Marine Monitoring Programme, coordinated by the EPA, involves various organisations and focuses on ecological health in transitional and coastal waters.  This monitoring program covers 80 estuaries and 46 coastal waters, tracking a wide range of biological communities and chemical measurements.

  • The biological parameters include: Tiny free-floating plants, Animals without a backbone living in the bottom muds (benthic invertebrates), Fish, Opportunistic seaweeds (seaweeds that grow very quickly when environmental conditions suit, causing large accumulations of plant matter such as sea lettuce), Rocky shore seaweeds, Seagrass (the only true marine plant found in Irish waters), Saltmarsh (a community of salt tolerant plants that form a band along the upper tidal limit of water bodies).
  • The monitoring programme also measures: Dissolved oxygen, Nutrients, including nitrogen and phosphorus, and Specific chemical pollutants.


Water Monitoring for different bodies of water
Malahide Estuaries


How Southern Scientific Services Provide Essential Water Monitoring for Different Bodies of Water?

Southern Scientific Services is a leading provider of water monitoring solutions, offering a range of products and services to support efficient and accurate water quality assessment. Here’s how Southern Scientific Services contributes to water monitoring for different bodies of water:

  1. Advanced Equipment: Our supplies state-of-the-art water monitoring equipment, including sensors, data loggers, and remote monitoring systems. These tools allow for real-time data collection, enhancing the precision and timeliness of water quality assessment.
  2. Technical Expertise: We employs experts in the field of water monitoring who can provide guidance on selecting the most suitable equipment, parameters, and methods for specific monitoring needs. This ensures accurate and credible water monitoring for different bodies of water.
  3. Customised Solutions: Southern Scientific Services tailors monitoring solutions to meet the unique requirements of different applications, whether it’s for industrial processes, environmental protection, or public health.
  4. Data Analysis: In addition to providing monitoring equipment, Southern Scientific Services offers advice and consultation services on interpreting the data analysis, helping clients make sense of the information collected and derive actionable insights.
  5. Training and Support: We provide ongoing support to ensure that clients can effectively operate and maintain their monitoring systems, ensuring water monitoring for different bodies of water is completed to the highest standards.
  6. Compliance Assistance: At Southern Scientific Services, we help industries and organisations meet regulatory standards by providing tools and services that aid in compliance with water quality regulations. Specifically, tailoring for the different parameters associated with water monitoring for different bodies of water.


Water monitoring for different bodies of water is of highest priority to Southern Scientific Services for more on water monitoring testing click here!

For more information on water monitoring, contact our team of experts!

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