Accredited Laboratory Testing with Southern Scientific Services


Accredited Laboratory Testing with Southern Scientific Services

Accredited laboratory testing forms the cornerstone of accurate and reliable data collection, making it a critical aspect of various industries, including environmental monitoring, agriculture, and public health. The accuracy and integrity of the data derived from these tests are pivotal in making informed decisions and ensuring the safety of the environment and public health. Southern Scientific Services, a leader in laboratory testing for the last 30 years, has one of the widest ranges of accreditation in Europe, holding recognition from multiple authoritative organisations.

Accredited Laboratory: A Seal of Quality

An accredited laboratory has gone through a rigorous and voluntary process that laboratories undergo to demonstrate their competence and commitment to delivering high-quality results. It serves as a seal of quality, assuring clients and stakeholders that the laboratory’s testing and analysis procedures meet or exceed international standards.

INAB Accreditation: A Mark of Excellence

Southern Scientific Services Ireland is an INAB (Irish National Accreditation Board) accredited laboratory, holding Registration Number 194T. INAB is Ireland’s official body for accrediting laboratories and certification bodies. Achieving INAB accreditation is a testament to the laboratory’s unwavering commitment to the highest standards of competence and reliability. It signifies that Southern Scientific Services consistently adheres to internationally recognised testing and calibration standards.

INAB Accredited laboratory

Quality Approved Laboratories Register: A Trustworthy Source

Another remarkable recognition held by Southern Scientific Services is its inclusion on the register of quality-approved laboratories submitting data to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). This inclusion is a testament to the laboratory’s reliability in providing accurate data to support environmental monitoring and regulatory compliance. The EPA, as a leading authority in environmental protection, relies on data from accredited laboratories like Southern Scientific Services to make informed decisions and shape environmental policies.

Department of Agricultural Approvals: A Commitment to Agriculture

The laboratory’s dedication to the agricultural sector is further underscored by approvals from the Department of Agriculture. Southern Scientific Services holds approvals for various critical analyses related to agriculture, including GLAS (Green Low-Carbon Agri-Environment Scheme) analysis, water analysis, milk and milk analysis under the dairy hygiene program, and microbiological analysis. These approvals signify our accredited laboratory’s pivotal role in supporting agriculture by providing accurate and reliable data for regulatory compliance and informed decision-making.

DARF and Food Safety Authority Approvals: A Trustworthy Partner

Southern Scientific Services is also included in the list of DARF (Dioxin and Related Compounds in Foodstuffs) Approved Laboratories. The approval reflects the laboratory’s competency in testing for dioxins and related compounds in food, contributing to food safety and compliance with regulatory standards.

In addition, the laboratory’s inclusion in the list of Food Safety Authority Approved Laboratories highlights its role in ensuring the safety and quality of food products. Such approvals are vital for maintaining public health and consumer confidence.

The Benefits of Testing with an Accredited Laboratory

The significance of laboratory accreditation extends far beyond recognition and trustworthiness. It offers numerous benefits to both the laboratory and its clients:

  1. Data Integrity: Accredited laboratories uphold the highest standards of data integrity, ensuring that results are accurate, reliable, and free from bias.
  2. Global Recognition: Accreditation is often recognised worldwide, allowing accredited laboratories like Southern Scientific Services to provide services on an international scale.
  3. Regulatory Compliance: Accreditation helps laboratories meet regulatory requirements, making them valuable partners in various industries, including environmental protection, agriculture, and food safety.
  4. Confidence and Trust: Accredited laboratories inspire confidence and trust in their clients and stakeholders, knowing that they adhere to rigorous quality standards.
  5. Continuous Improvement: The accreditation process encourages laboratories to continuously improve their methods, equipment, and staff competence, leading to ongoing excellence.


Accredited laboratory


Accreditation is not just a recognition; it is a commitment to quality, reliability, and integrity.

  • Southern Scientific Services Ireland’s impressive array of accreditations from INAB, the EPA, the Department of Agriculture, DARF, and the Food Safety Authority demonstrates its dedication to providing top-tier laboratory testing services.
  • Clients and stakeholders can trust that the data provided by Southern Scientific Services is not only accurate but also instrumental in environmental protection, agriculture, and public health. Accreditation is a testament to the laboratory’s unwavering pursuit of excellence in the service of Ireland and beyond.


Accredited Laboratory

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