Precision and Accuracy: Quality Control with Excellence

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Precision and Accuracy: Quality Control with Excellence

Quality Control is of utmost importance to our team at Southern Scientific Services. In the realm of scientific testing and analysis, precision, accuracy, and integrity are non-negotiable attributes. This is particularly true when we are entrusted with tasks that directly impact public health, the environment, and various sectors of industry. At Southern Scientific Services, we take our role seriously, and our commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards is unwavering. We believe in going the extra mile to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our results, and this commitment is exemplified through our comprehensive Quality Control Programme.


Embracing Quality Control as a Culture

Southern Scientific Services has, over the years, cultivated a culture of quality that permeates every aspect of our operations. Our mission is to consistently provide precise, accurate, and trustworthy data to our clients, empowering them to make informed decisions. To fulfil this mission, we have developed a robust Quality Control Programme that leaves no room for complacency.


The Heart of Quality Control: Proficiency Testing and Inter-calibration

At the core of our Quality Control Programme lies proficiency testing and inter-calibration. These are not just buzzwords for us; they are the heartbeat of our commitment to excellence. These practices involve subjecting our testing methods and results to external validation, ensuring that we meet or exceed recognised standards. Here are some of the prestigious proficiency testing and inter-calibration programmes we are a part of:

  1. EPA Inter-calibration Programme: Our dedication to quality control begins with participation in the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Inter-calibration Programme. This encompasses both chemical and microbiological analysis. By subjecting our work to EPA’s regulations, we reaffirm our commitment to accurate and reliable results in environmental monitoring. This programme is the only Irish scheme for the chemical testing of water samples listed on the INAB website detailing Proficiency Testing (PT) Providers.
  2. R.C. Aquacheck Scheme: For chemical analysis, we engage with the R.C. Aquackeck Scheme. This programme offers an external benchmark for our chemical analysis methods, ensuring that we maintain the highest quality standards.
  3. Public Health Laboratory London’s Inter-calibration Programme: Microbiological analysis is equally crucial, and we participate in the Laboratory Inter-calibration Programme run by the Public Health Laboratory London. This rigorous scrutiny ensures that our microbiological testing is not just precise but also compliant with international standards.
  4. Department of Agriculture Salmonella Ring Trial: In the realm of agriculture, the Department of Agriculture Salmonella Ring Trial serves as our benchmark for excellence. This programme ensures that our testing methods are not just accurate but also supportive of critical agricultural practices.
  5. Food EQA Shellfish Scheme: Shellfish are an integral part of our food industry, and their safety is paramount. Our participation in the Food EQA Shellfish Scheme demonstrates our commitment to delivering accurate and reliable data to ensure the safety of the food supply chain.
  6. LGC Contest Scheme: In the realm of contaminated land, we partner with the LGC Contest Scheme. Contaminated land requires the utmost precision in testing, and our participation in this programme guarantees that we deliver results that meet or exceed stringent standards.
  7. Sigma-Aldrich Pharmaceutical and Environmental Proficiency Schemes: The pharmaceutical and environmental sectors demand the highest levels of precision. We are part of the Sigma-Aldrich Pharmaceutical and Environmental Proficiency Schemes, ensuring that our data and the performance on specific instrumentation is not just accurate but also compliant with international pharmaceutical and environmental standards.


Why Proficiency Testing and Inter-calibration Matter

You might wonder why we go to such great lengths to subject our testing methods to external validation. The answer is simple: we believe in accountability and continuous improvement. Proficiency testing and inter-calibration serve several crucial purposes:

  1. Accuracy and Reliability: These practices help us verify the accuracy and reliability of our results. By participating in external schemes, we prove that our methods consistently yield trustworthy data.
  2. Compliance: Our commitment to regulatory compliance is non-negotiable. Proficiency testing and inter-calibration ensure that our methods meet or exceed regulatory standards, helping our clients navigate complex compliance requirements.
  3. Continuous Improvement: We understand that there is always room for improvement. By participating in these programmes, we receive valuable feedback that allows us to refine our testing methods and deliver even more accurate results.
  4. Trust and Confidence: Our clients trust us with critical data that shapes their decisions. Proficiency testing and inter-calibration demonstrate our commitment to providing results that in still confidence and trust.


The Difference We Make with Quality Control

At Southern Scientific Services, our Quality Control Programme is not just a set of protocols; it’s a commitment to delivering excellence.

  • Our participation in these proficiency testing and inter-calibration programmes reflects our unwavering dedication to maintaining the highest standards of quality.
  • We don’t settle for anything less than precision, accuracy, and trustworthiness because we understand the profound impact our results have on public health, the environment, and industry.

When you choose Southern Scientific Services, you choose a partner who places your needs and the integrity of our data at the forefront of everything we do. Our commitment to quality is more than a promise; it’s a culture, and it’s what sets us apart in the world of scientific testing.

Contact our team of experts for more information on our testing services and environmental consultancy!


Quality Control

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