Sample Collection with Southern Scientific Services

sample collection

Sample Collection with Southern Scientific Services

Southern Scientific Services employs a meticulous approach to sample collection. In this article, we delve into our sample collection process, highlighting the steps taken to maintain to provide reliable results.


The Essence of Sample Collection:

Sample collection serves as the foundational step in water quality monitoring, influencing the accuracy and reliability of subsequent analysis. Southern Scientific Services recognises the significance of this process, considering it the bridge between the natural environment and the laboratory. There are different types of sampling:

  1. Discrete sampling:A single collection of water for testing.
  2. Composite sampling: A series of collections of water for testing at a predetermined time or after a predetermined action.



Drop Off Sites: Tuam, Celbridge, and Kerry.

Southern Scientific Services offers three convenient drop-off points for water samples in Tuam (Co.Galway), Celbridge (Co.Kildare), and Co.Kerry. This strategic placement ensures accessibility for clients across different regions, streamlining the sample submission process. The priority for our customers was to provide easy access these locations for efficient water testing services.


Precision in Sample Collection:

Southern Scientific Services emphasises precision in the collection of water.

  • Glass containers and plasticwareare the preferred vessels, chosen for their ability to maintain sample integrity.
  • A labelling protocol is meticulously followed, ensuring that each container is marked with details such as sample location, date, time, and the collector’s identity. This attention to detail is not just procedural; it’s a commitment to scientific rigour.
  • We have 13 vehicles on the road collecting from different premises to ensure safe transport of water samples.


Preservation and Storage:

After collection, the samples are immediately stored on ice or refrigerated. This swift preservation process is crucial as it ensures that the samples maintain their integrity throughout transport to the testing laboratory.


Ensuring Scientific Integrity:

Upon arrival at the laboratory, samples undergo rigorous checks to ensure their temperature is within acceptable ranges, and their scientific integrity is intact. This attention to detail in the preservation and transport stages is a testament to Southern Scientific Services’ commitment to providing reliable and accurate data.


sample collection


The complexity of water quality monitoring is made simple with sample collection strategies that set the stage for accurate analyses and informed decision-making.

  • Southern Scientific Services offer nationwide collection service and have a laboratory in each province of Ireland. 
  • By prioritising on-site parameters, employing meticulous collection practices, and ensuring swift preservation, Southern Scientific Services elevates the science of water quality monitoring.
  • As we move forward, the art of sample collection remains a cornerstone of Southern Scientific Services’ commitment to advancing the reliability and accuracy of water quality data, ultimately contributing to the sustainable management of our most vital resource.


sample collection

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