Fiji Bottled Water Recalled After Bacteria Detected

bottled water recall

Fiji Bottled Water Recalled After Bacteria Detected

A major bottled water recall was recently issued on almost 2 million Fiji Water bottles. This is after tests found that the water had manganese and three kinds of bacteria. Natural Waters of Viti Limited first issued the recall in March 2024. 


Details of the Fiji Bottled Water Recall

Following customer complaints about discolouration in Fiji bottles, the water was found to contain manganese and three types of bacteria. The recall involved around 79,000 cases of 500 mL (24-pack) Fiji Natural Artesian Water bottles. The affected waters were produced in November 2023 and sold on between February 1 and March 3, 2024. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) categorised the recall as a Class III. A Class III recall means the product is unlikely to cause health problems. This is different from a Class I recall, which means the product can cause serious health issues or death. 

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Recall of 500 mL (24-pack) Fiji Natural Artesian Water bottles on


Health Implications of Manganese and Bacteria

The presence of manganese and bacteria in drinking water can cause illness. High levels of manganese in the body can impact the nervous system, causing behavioural changes. Excessive manganese exposure has also been linked to male fertility issues. How much manganese was found in the recalled water bottles is unclear. Certain bacteria in water can cause potentially life-threatening diseases, like cholera. The dangers of contamination make bacteria testing in water extremely important. The exact types of bacteria found in the Fiji water have not been shared, so it’s hard to know the exact risk. However, the quick recall by the company and the FDA’s classification suggest the risk is low.


How Did The Company Respond? 

Fiji Water acted quickly to address the issue. They have already reclaimed 99% of the affected bottles, and the rest are waiting to be returned from warehouses. However, the bottled water recall was initiated in March 2024, and the company did not issue a press release when the recall began so as not to cause “unnecessary public concern“. Fiji Water claims that the “notice sent by Amazon does not accurately reflect the issue and was overstated.” Finally, the company states that “there is no health or safety risk posed” from the recalled bottled water. 


Conclusion for Fiji’s Bottled Water Recall 

While the presence of manganese and bacteria in Fiji Water is concerning, the FDA and the company say the health risk to consumers is low. Nonetheless, the bottled water recalls show the importance of testing your water before drinking. Drinking water that contains bacteria can cause diarrhoea, vomiting, cramps, nausea, headaches, fever, and even death sometimes. Here at Southern Scientific, we offer a bacteria in drinking water test to ensure peace of mind.


Test your bottled water of choice with a bacteria in water test today! 

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