Discussing Farmers’ Carbon Future


A Greener Future For Farmers With Carbon Testing In this video, Southern co-founder Michael Murphy speaks to MTU Ag Scientist and Farmer James McCarthy about the future of farming with carbon sequestration. Michael and James discuss the benefits of carbon sequestration for the environment and farming practices, how farmers could be compensated for carbon sequestration…

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Explained in 60 Seconds – Legionella Testing

Legionella Testing Killarney Kerry Munster Ireland

Why test for Legionella? The current Coronavirus pandemic has meant that many commercial premises have had to close over the past number of weeks. Water systems left underused or not used at all for a short period of time can cause harm to the health of your staff, visitors and customers. All water for human…

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Explained in 60 seconds: Arsenic in Bottled Water

Bottled Water like the ones recalled for "above normal levels" of arsenic by the FSAI

How does arsenic get into bottled water? Groundwater wells, such as the ones used for bottled water, will contain naturally occurring arsenic.  This arsenic is present naturally as a trace metal salt in the bedrock. Where are the higher levels of arsenic in groundwater found? In Ireland, we rarely see elevated levels of arsenic above…

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