Contaminated Land WAC Analysis

Contaminated Land WAC Analysis

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What is Contaminated Land WAC Analysis?

Waste acceptance criteria (WAC) analysis is the process of evaluating waste materials against a set of established guidelines to determine if the waste is suitable for disposal at a particular facility or disposal site.

The analysis typically involves measuring and evaluating the waste’s physical, chemical, and biological properties and any regulatory or legal requirements that must be met.

The analysis results are used to determine whether the waste meets the acceptance criteria set by the facility or disposal site and to identify any potential risks or hazards associated with the waste. If the waste does not meet the acceptance criteria, it may need to be treated, packaged or shipped to another location that can accept it.

WAC analysis is an essential step in the waste management process, as it helps ensure that waste is disposed of safely and environmentally responsibly. It also helps protect the facility and disposal site from potential liabilities of accepting inappropriate waste.

See the EPA’s guidelines on Waste Acceptance Criteria here.

Why Do I Need Contaminated Land WAC Analysis?

Do you need a reliable and accurate waste acceptance criteria (WAC) analysis for your company? Our team of experts is equipped with the latest technology and knowledge to ensure that your waste meets all necessary guidelines and regulations before it is accepted at any disposal site.

We understand that every industry and type of waste is unique, which is why we offer customized WAC analysis to suit your specific needs. This includes the Inert Waste Suite, the Stable Non-Reactive Hazard Suite, the Hazardous Suite and any other custom suite you require.

Our WAC analysis service ensures that your waste is handled safely and responsibly, protecting your company and the environment.

Who is Contaminated Land WAC Analysis Recommended For?

Southern Scientific offers a wide range of analytical services on Contaminated Land WAC Analysis for:

  • Manufacturing companies that produce chemicals, pharmaceuticals, or other hazardous materials.
  • Construction companies that have concrete, asphalt, or other building materials.
  • Industrial facilities, including power plants, oil and gas refineries, or mining operations.
  • Companies that generate large amounts of waste, such as hospitals, laboratories, retail businesses etc.

What’s the Process For Contaminated Land WAC Analysis?

We Can Do It For You In 3 Easy Steps – Simple. Clear. Accurate:

  • Simple – order the test you need over the phone at +353 66 976 35 88, and we will post your testing kit.
  • Clear – follow the instructions, collect the sample and post it back to us the same day for next-day delivery.
  • Accurate – easy-to-understand results will be sent to you by email within 10 days

*Southern Scientific can arrange a sample collection service for you. A complimentary sample container is provided. Certificates of analysis are emailed to clients for convenience. If you would like it in another format, please let us know.

What Does Contaminated Land WAC Analysis Include?

Southern Scientific tests soil and waste material for pollutants. We offer this service under a range of suites:

  • Inert Waste Suite (Leachate (Eluates for compliance using BS EN 12457 – 2  (1 batch) – leachate 1:10 – Metals, sulphate, total dissolved solids, phneol index & DOC) & Solid(TOC, BTEX, PCB, Mineral Oil, PAH’s & DM%))
  • Stable Non-Reactive Hazard Suite (Leachate (Eluates for compliance using BS EN 12457 – 2  (1 batch) – leachate 1:10 – Metals, sulphate, total dissolved solids, phneol index & DOC) and Solid (TOC, pH & DM%))
  • Hazardous Suite (Leachate (Eluates for compliance using BS EN 12457 – 2  (1 batch) – leachate 1:10 – Metals, sulphate, total dissolved solids, phneol index & DOC) and Solid (TOC, LOI & DM%))
  • Murphy suite
  • RILTA suite
  • EPA Metals Suite

We can also create a bespoke suite that meets your needs.

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