Enterococci Testing

Enterococci Testing


What is Enterococci Testing?

Enterococci are a family of bacteria present in nature, with some species of the enterococci family being dangerous to humans.

In drinking water, enterococci presence indicates the presence of environmental contamination (specifically faecal contamination as naturally these bacteria reside in the gut microbiome of humans and animals), which can lead to dangerous clinical manifestations.

Enterococci are used as indicators of water quality and faecal contamination in various environments. Enterococci are considered indicator organisms for faecal contamination because they are more resistant to environmental conditions than other faecal indicator bacteria, such as E. coli. This means they can survive longer in the environment and are more likely to be present in water sources contaminated with faeces.

Testing for enterococci in drinking water is essential because these bacteria can indicate the presence of faecal contamination in the water source. In addition, if enterococci are present in drinking water, other disease-causing organisms are likely to present, which can pose a health risk to people who consume the water.

Regular enterococci testing in drinking water helps to ensure that the water is safe to drink. Water treatment or other control measures can be implemented if contamination is found to reduce the risk of illness. Additionally, it can help identify contamination sources and track control measures’ effectiveness over time.

What is the importance of enterococci testing?

Research has shown that these bacteria cause enterococcal infections that range in severity from urinary tract infections (UTIs), to bloodstream infections that can develop into more severe infections in the heart (endocarditis) and lining of the brain tissue (meningitis). 

For the safety of your family, monitoring for enterococci helps identify potential risks to your family’s health and enables water suppliers to take appropriate action to address any potential risks to your safety. 

For families with children, pregnant or nursing individuals, elderly household members, those with weakened immune systems, or even new homeowners, it’s especially crucial to ensure the safety of your drinking water.



How Can Southern Scientific Help You With Enterococci Testing?

With over 28 years of experience in microbiological testing, Southern Scientific ease your worries about bacterial infection with a rapid 24-hour turnaround of Enterococci results in emergency cases. Our state-of-the-art facilities are ISO 17025 accredited, so you know you can rely on our results.

In 2020, the Drinking Water safety regulations in Ireland were updated to reflect the latest scientific evidence to improve the quality of drinking water and monitor levels of specific bacteria, including enterococci.

Our team keeps up to date with the latest scientific evidence and regulations to provide you with accurate and timely results for enterococci testing to ensure safe drinking water. 

What is the process for testing?

Enterococci testing is used to analyse drinking water samples at Southern Scientific. Initially, water samples are collected and transported to our accredited laboratory while maintaining proper preservation conditions. In the lab, samples are prepared through filtration and placed on culture media that encourage Enterococci growth (if present in the sample). After an incubation period, trained technicians count the resulting colonies, providing a quantification of Enterococci. Additional tests may be performed for confirmation. The data is meticulously analysed, and a comprehensive report is generated, offering precise insights into water quality. This method ensures the accurate assessment of potential contamination, helping safeguard the safety of drinking water supplies.

How Do I Take A Drinking Water Sample for Enterococci Testing?

We provide a detailed summary of how to take a water sample here:

Learn how to take a drinking water sample in 6 easy steps here.

How do you avail of this testing service?

Order directly from our website here, or if you have any inquiries, contact our dedicated team for help!

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