Environmental and Testing Consultancy

We are an Irish owned and operated environmental consultancy and testing facility.

Our Environmental Consultancy Department is distinguished from other companies due to our access to the skilled and experienced in-house laboratory team with research capability.

Our Environmental and Planning Department provides high quality environmental monitoring, consultancy and planning services to our clients in the public sector and private sector.

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Our team of environmental experts have a combined expertise gained across several environmental disciplines along with an extensive knowledge that has been accumulated over the many years of experience in the industry.

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Overview of Our Environmental Consultancy Services

Environmental and Planning Consultancy Services

  • Environmental Monitoring Services

    air, water, noise & soil - monitoring programmes designed and implemented, compliance monitoring, pollution events and contaminated land investigated.

  • Wastewater Treatment Solutions and Discharge Licence Applications

    Surface water and ground water assessments, percolation testing, design of wastewater treatment solutions, wastewater monitoring, discharge licence applications.

  • Waste Management; Waste Permit and Waste Licence Applications

    Waste analysis and classification, preparation of waste management plans, preparation of permit and licence applications and associated reports.

  • Planning Services and Environmental Impact Assessments

    Full planning service, EIAs for various project types - quarries, wind farms, industrial agricultural and forestry developments.

  • Appropriate Assessments

    For all types of developments that may impact Natura 2000 sites 

  • Ecological Assessments & Monitoring

    Habitat surveys and mapping, water biological quality assessments, ecological impact assessments and bird surveys.

  • IPPC Licence Applications & Annual Environmental Reports

    Preparation of IPPC licence applications for submission to the EPA and preparation of annual environmental reports 

  • Occupational Monitoring

    Workplace air monitoring, noise monitoring etc. 

  • Research and Development

    Research and development in environmental sciences and technologies