IPPC Licence Compliance

IPPC Licence Compliance

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The Environmental Consultancy Department at Southern Scientific can undertake all the required work to make the application. We can help you determine if you need the license, apply for a licence on your behalf and assist you in minimising the cost of compliance.

Independent environmental monitoring, which includes sampling and analysis of:

  • Groundwater and surface water emissions
  • Storm and wastewater emissions
  • Dust
  • Process water/effluent
  • Soils
  • Solvents
  • Materials related to resource recovery, and recycling
  • Noise monitoring
  • Stack monitoring
  • Ecological assessments

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What is an IPPC License?

An IPPC license (Integrated Pollution Prevention Control) was introduced by the EPA Act in 1992.

IPPC licences aim to prevent or reduce emissions to air, water and land, reduce waste and use energy/resources efficiently. An IPPC licence is a single integrated licence which covers all emissions from the facility and its environmental management. (EPA)

Recommended for:

This service is recommended for companies in the following industries:

  •  Minerals and Other Materials
  •  Metals
  •  Mineral Fibres and Glass
  •  Chemicals
  •  Food and Drink
  •  Textiles and Leather
  •  Fossil Fuels
  •  Cement
  •  Waste (class 11.1)
  •  Surface Coatings
  •  Other Activities (includes testing of engines, manufacture of integrated circuits and printed circuit boards, production of lime and manufacture of ceramics)

Before engaging with any of these activities, an IPPC license must be held. Before a licence is granted, you must satisfy the Environmental Protection Agency that emissions from the activity do not cause a significant adverse environmental impact.

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