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H2.0 – Revealing the Future of Water Quality.

Water Quality Advancements for the Future. With the world progressing at breakneck speed, our water quality in water sources faces some challenges, but there is a silver lining: new and existing technologies could provide potential solutions to upgrading the water quality. In this article, we will delve deep into the

chemicals in drinking water

Our Chemicals in Drinking Water Test: Why Use It & What Does It Test For? 

Are you concerned about the safety of your tap water? Want to know if your family, staff, or tenants are drinking unsafe water? Our chemicals in drinking water test can help!   Why Test for Chemicals in Drinking Water? Chemicals in drinking water testing assesses chemical substances that can be

seine water quality

Concerns Over Seine Water Quality Before Paris 2024 Olympics

As the Paris 2024 Olympic Games approach, there are worries about the Seine water quality. Recent tests show the river has high levels of harmful bacteria. These findings could affect the open-water swimming and triathlon events planned for the Games.   Seine Water Quality Findings  The latest tests released by

Ireland's Drinking Fountains

Ireland’s Drinking Fountains Scheme Fighting Plastic Waste

Ireland has a big problem with single-use plastic water bottles. People throw away about 220,000 plastic water bottles daily, costing over €100 million a year! Ireland’s drinking fountains scheme aims to install public water fountains across the country to tackle this issue.   Early Success of Ireland’s Drinking Fountains in

wastewater treatment efficiency

Understanding the Importance of Water Treatment Efficiency Analysis

Wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) are essential for keeping our water clean. Therefore, we need to check how well these plants treat water on a regular basis. Water treatment efficiency analysis ensures that the plants are working as they should. This analysis protects the environment and public health.   The Impact

water on mars

Water on Mars: Frost Found on Mars’ Giant Volcanoes

Scientists have made an astonishing discovery that defies the belief that there is no water on Mars. A study published in Nature Geoscience has found frost atop Mars’ tallest volcanoes. The frost could consist of up to 150,000 tons of water – the same size as 60 Olympic swimming pools.

microplastic pollution

Microplastic Pollution: Dangers, Causes and Prevention

Plastic and microplastic pollution has become a threat to global ecology. Microplastics are also a cause for health concern. But what are the sources of microplastics? And how can microplastic pollution be prevented?     Understanding Microplastics Plastic is a serious threat to our environment, especially to freshwater ecosystems. Microplastics

tree planting on farms

Tree Planting on Farms to Boost Income & Help The Environment

Afforestation is an important strategy for tackling climate change. Science is showing that tree planting on farms is also a good way of keeping soil and animals healthy. Keep reading to learn the benefits of planting trees for farmers and the environment.     Tree Planting on Farms: Soil Grazing 

water and welfare

Water and Welfare: How Water Influences Health & Economies

Access to clean water is a fundamental human right. Yet, about one-third of the world’s population lacks clean water access. Such water inequality is concerning due to the link between water and welfare. This article details how exactly water influences health and economies.   Water and Welfare: Access to Clean

seaweed farming in ireland

The Untapped Potential of Seaweed Farming in Ireland

Seaweed is more than just something you find in sushi. It’s essential in many everyday products, including foods and medicines. With its long Atlantic coastline, Ireland has easy access to this marine resource. Seaweed farming in Ireland can benefit coastal communities and make the future greener.   The Many Uses

clean air together

Ireland’s ‘Clean Air Together’ Project Fighting Traffic Pollution

Traffic congestion is a massive annoyance for everyone, but pollution from traffic is an even bigger concern. As cities grow, traffic-related pollutants like Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) can pose serious health risks. Keep reading to learn how Ireland’s ‘Clean Air Together’ project aims to tackle this issue.   The Goals of

water monitoring for the environment

The Importance of Water Monitoring for the Environment

Water is essential for all life on Earth. Keeping our water clean is crucial for the health of people, plants, and animals. Water monitoring for the environment helps us detect and respond to pollution events. Regular monitoring yields several environmental benefits, as discussed below.   Following Environmental Regulations Water quality

air pollutants in ireland

The Major Air Pollutants in Ireland

Air pollution is a significant environmental health risk in Europe and is linked to many diseases, including dementia. As a result, the quality of the air we breathe is very important. This article will discuss Irish air quality and some of the major air pollutants in Ireland to be wary

How do biodigesters work

How Do Biodigesters Work? A Quick Guide to Anaerobic Digestion

Biodigesters can help farms to increase profits and reduce environmental damage. But how do biodigesters work? Keep reading to learn more about these vessels and their potential benefits.    Biodigesters and Anaerobic Digestion During anaerobic digestion, bacteria break down biodegradable waste in the absence of oxygen. Biodigesters are vessels in

Climate change in ireland

Climate Change in Ireland: The Present & The Future

Everyone has heard about the issue of climate change and how big a problem it is. But what about climate change in Ireland specifically? A comprehensive climate change report has been published focusing on Ireland for the first time. Below is a summary of the report’s key points.   What

bottled water recall

Fiji Bottled Water Recalled After Bacteria Detected

A major bottled water recall was recently issued on almost 2 million Fiji Water bottles. This is after tests found that the water had manganese and three kinds of bacteria. Natural Waters of Viti Limited first issued the recall in March 2024.    Details of the Fiji Bottled Water Recall

cholera outbreak

The Cholera Outbreak That Linked Water Contamination and Disease

We all know that access to clean water and sanitation is crucial to staying healthy. However, the fact that contaminated water could spread diseases like cholera was not understood until the 19th century. This pivotal discovery emerged during London’s 1854 cholera outbreak.   The History of Cholera Cholera is an

bathing water quality

What is The Current State of Bathing Water Quality in Ireland?

As summer approaches, many people will head to Ireland’s beaches. Understanding the quality of bathing water helps safeguard public health. A recent report on bathing water quality in 2023 has provided key insights into Ireland’s beaches and lakes.    How is Bathing Water Quality Measured in Ireland?  Local authorities monitor

Ireland's septic tanks

Nearly Half of Ireland’s Septic Tanks Are Faulty

Septic tanks treat and release household wastewater in areas not connected to public sewers. A recent report shows that in 2023, nearly half of Ireland’s septic tanks did not pass inspections. Faulty septic tanks can harm human health and the environment.   Domestic Wastewater Treatment in Ireland Ireland has about half

THM risks

How Uisce Éireann Are Addressing THM Risks in Ireland

4 months ago, data from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reported public drinking water for nearly 240,000 people across Ireland contained unsafe THM levels. But what is being done to address THM risks in Ireland?    A Summary of THM contamination in Ireland   Trihalomethanes (THMs) are a by-product of chlorine

Irish Rivers

Report Reveals Many Irish Rivers Are in Poor Health

According to the 2024 State of Our Rivers report, nearly half of all Irish rivers are below good ecological health standards. The report highlights the extent of the problem, key sectors harming water quality, and the importance of urgent actions.    The River Trust’s Irish Report The Rivers Trust is

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