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PFAS Chemicals

What You Should Know About PFAS Chemicals In Your Water – Explained in 90 Seconds

PFAS testing is becoming increasingly important as public bodies worldwide are researching more into the effects of these chemicals. PFAS chemicals are present in the bloodstream of nearly every human on the planet. They are omnipresent because they are used in various products such as non-stick pans, furniture, waterproof coats,

Southern Scientific's guide to PFAS Samplinge to PFA

Southern Scientific’s Ultimate Guide to PFAS Sampling in 8 Easy Steps At Southern Scientific, we’ve reconfigured our drinking water sampling procedure to comply with the best available guidelines on PFAS sampling. As the compound PFAS can be found in everyday household items such as cookware and clothing, contamination when sampling is a high risk. In this video, we will outline

How to take a drinking water sample at home

Taking A Drinking Water Sample in Your Home? You Should Know These 6 Steps

  In this Blog, our Field Technician, Danny O’Leary, will guide you through taking a drinking water sample at your home. What do you need to take a Drinking Water Sample? The Standard Drinking Water test kit you’ve received with your order will include everything you need to take a

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