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H2.0 – Revealing the Future of Water Quality.

Water Quality Advancements for the Future. With the world progressing at breakneck speed, our water quality in water sources faces some challenges, but there is a silver lining: new and existing technologies could provide potential solutions to upgrading the water quality. In this article, we will delve deep into the

journey of water

The Journey of Water From Source to Tap In Ireland

Water is the world’s most important resource; without it, life on Earth would not exist. We rely on water for agriculture, to support animal and plant life around the world, and most importantly, to drink. Let’s discuss the journey of water from source to tap in Ireland!   Sources of

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) Smart Systems for Next-Generation Water Monitoring

Water is our most important natural resource, making water quality monitoring essential. Internet of Things (IoT) technology offers a new way of monitoring water in the future. This article will discuss smart systems using this technology in more detail.   Why We Need Water Monitoring Poor quality water can lead

fog harvesting

A New Way of Collecting Water by Fog Harvesting

New technology has people looking up at the sky to find water, but not from rain. Fog harvesting is the latest method of collecting water from fog as a way of providing water to areas that need it. In this article, learn how fog harvesting works and its importance.  

save money

How Different Businesses Can Save Money By Monitoring Their Water

All industries use water in some form or another. Checking water quality is something many businesses should do, but most don’t think about it when planning how to save money. Here’s how keeping an eye on water quality can help different types of businesses.    Food & Beverage: Making Sure

water pollution

Water Pollution: Why We Need to Control it and How 

Water pollution kills over 1 million people every year. It causes enormous environmental problems too, driving global warming. But there are ways we can control it.      What is Water Pollution, and How Does it Happen? Water pollution happens when harmful material or ‘contaminants’ (e.g. bacteria or toxic chemicals)

measuring water quality

What Does Measuring Water Quality Involve? 

Measuring water quality is essential to ensure water is safe for humans and the environment. It also is a way of guaranteeing a high standard of water for industries. But what are the stages of water quality monitoring, and what exactly is measured? Let’s find out!    What is Water

quality of irish water

Report Examining The Quality Of Irish Water Bodies

The quality of Irish water affects the whole country as poor water quality can threaten human, animal and plant health. With the next report coming in 2025, let’s reflect on what the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) last report told us about Ireland’s waterways.    Nutrient Pollution Harming The Quality of

human health

The Impact of Water Contaminants on Human Health

Human health and water quality are closely related. This fact has been known since London’s cholera outbreak in 1855, which was linked to contaminated water. But what in our water is harmful, and how can we protect ourselves? This article’s summary of the UN environment programme’s review on water contaminants

unsafe drinking water

Toxic THM Chemicals Found in Unsafe Drinking Water Across Ireland

Latest news indicates that ~5% of Ireland is being exposed to unsafe drinking water with high toxin levels. This comes after EU courts ruled that Ireland failed to keep carcinogenic chemicals out of water supplies.   EU’s Unsafe Drinking Water Complaint  The start of 2024 has seen European Courts rule

private water

Contamination In Ireland’s Private Water Supplies

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) newest report on drinking water says there is “urgent action needed” to improve Ireland’s private water supplies. This comes after finding bacteria and toxic chemicals which can harm human health.   The Types of Drinking Water Supplies In Ireland, drinking water can come from either

pollution in irish waters

What’s the State of Pollution in Irish Waters?

6 months ago, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) highlighted real concerns about pollution in Irish waters. But what issues did they find, and what is being done to fix them?    Ireland’s Issue with Sewage Discharge Over 50% of Ireland’s wastewater discharges don’t meet EU standards. This wastewater harms the

sample collection

Sample Collection with Southern Scientific Services

Southern Scientific Services employs a meticulous approach to sample collection. In this article, we delve into our sample collection process, highlighting the steps taken to maintain to provide reliable results.   The Essence of Sample Collection: Sample collection serves as the foundational step in water quality monitoring, influencing the accuracy

The Science Behind Water Monitoring

5 Steps to Understanding Science Behind Water Monitoring

Have you ever wondered about the science behind water monitoring? The science behind water monitoring involves the systematic analysis of water quality parameters to assess and ensure the safety and sustainability of water resources. Southern Scientific Services is at the forefront of cutting-edge technology and scientific advancements. In this blog,

Water Monitoring for Businesses and Industries

Water Monitoring For Businesses

Water monitoring for businesses emerges as a silent guardian, crucial for safeguarding operations across diverse sectors. Southern Scientific Services addresses the paramount concerns of water monitoring within the realms of MedTech, Pharmaceuticals, Engineering, Construction, and the broader business landscape. This blog explores the multifaceted implications of water monitoring for businesses

The 4 Reasons Water Quality is Important for Cooking!

Water For Cooking: The 4 Reasons Water Quality is Important!

Every culinary expert recognizes that the triumph of a dish depends not only on the ingredients but also on a crucial element: water for cooking. Southern Scientific Services, a well-known authority in water testing, sheds light on the profound importance of water quality in the culinary realm. The Foundation of

tap water in restaurants

The Importance of Monitoring Tap Water in Restaurants

Would you like tap water or bottled water? Monitoring of tap water in restaurants in Ireland is very important as tap water is safe to drink and many restaurants and hospitality industries serve regular tap water to their customers. But have you ever wondered how safe this tap water is?

Water Quality in Ireland!

How Increased Rainfall and Storms Affect Water Quality in Ireland!

Do rainfall and storms affect water quality? Water quality in Ireland is influenced by various factors, and the changing weather patterns attributed to climate change are a notable concern. Increased rainfall and more frequent storms affect water quality in the country, with potential consequences for public health, ecosystems, and industries.

Nitrogen Levels in Water

What are the Consequences of High Levels of Nitrogen in Water

Nitrogen in water is a critical aspect of water needed for thriving aquatic ecosystems. While nitrogen is essential for plant growth and the environment, excessively high levels of nitrogen in water can have detrimental effects. In this blog, we’ll explore the consequences of elevated nitrogen levels in water and why it


Accredited Laboratory Testing with Southern Scientific Services

Accredited laboratory testing forms the cornerstone of accurate and reliable data collection, making it a critical aspect of various industries, including environmental monitoring, agriculture, and public health. The accuracy and integrity of the data derived from these tests are pivotal in making informed decisions and ensuring the safety of the

Water Monitoring in the MedTech industry

Water Monitoring in the MedTech Industry

Water Monitoring in the MedTech Industry is so important as the healthcare ecosystem relies on the interplay between technology, data, and optimal conditions. In this intricate web, the often underestimated factor is that water quality plays a pivotal role. Southern Scientific Services recognises the critical importance of water monitoring in

Pioneering a Greener Future: Embracing Zero Emissions Day on September 21st

ZERO EMISSIONS DAY: 21ST OF SEPTEMBER What is Zero Emissions Day? As the world grapples with the pressing issue of climate change, businesses and individuals are increasingly taking steps towards a more sustainable and eco-conscious future. A significant event in this journey is Zero Emissions Day, observed on September 21st.

H2.0 – Revealing the Future of Water Quality.

Water Quality Advancements for the Future. With the world progressing at breakneck speed, our water quality in water sources faces some challenges, but there is a silver lining: new and existing technologies could provide potential solutions to upgrading the water quality. In this article, we will delve deep into the

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