Organic Solvents in Waste Streams

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Organic Solvents in Waste Streams

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The team at Southern Scientific carries out a solvent waste analysis which:
  1. Assists in the identification of the hazards associated with the handling, transport, and treatment of mixtures of solvent waste.
  2. Assists in site solvent mass balance determination.

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Compounds we can currently test for:

Methanol, Ethanol, Acetonitrile, Acetone, IPA, DCM, EtOAc, n-heptane, 1-propanol, MTBE, THF, iso-butanol, DMF, Toluene, Chlorobenzene, DMSO, t-amyl alcohol, ethylene dichloride.

Recommended For:

Organic solvents are commonly used in many industries including, food, textile and the pharmaceutical industry.

Why Test?

Analysis of residual solvents is critical because:
  1. Solvents are toxic to micro-organisms and therefore can decrease the efficiency of wastewater treatment systems.
  2. Some solvents are flammable.