Reach Compounds

We are an Irish owned and operated environmental consultancy and testing facility.

Method Development Research for Pharma

Reach Compounds

What We Can Do For You

At Southern Scientific, we can determine trace quantities of a Reach regulated compound (4-tert Octylphenol ethoxylate detergent and its degradants) in wastewater.

With our ICP MS, GC, GC MS, GC- MSMS and LC-MSMS capability, we are well equipped to research trace elements of pharmaceutical actives, metabolites, and other residues.

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Who For?

Analysis of Reach Compounds is recommended for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Why Test?

Pharmaceuticals play an essential role in ensuring a high level of public health. However, the use of pharmaceuticals in human and veterinary medicines has increased their concentrations in many environmental reservoirs such as soils, sediments, and water bodies in the past 20 years. The largest source of pharmaceuticals entering the environment is their use and disposal.