Slurry-Sludge-Manure-Compost Testing

Slurry-Sludge-Manure-Compost Testing

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What Is Slurry-Sludge-Manure-Compost Testing?

Southern Scientific performs tests of various organic biosolids such as slurry, sludge, manure and compost. The process involves analyzing samples of these materials to determine their composition and quality.

Why Perform Slurry-Sludge-Manure-Compost Testing?

The results from this test can be used to determine the best use for the material, such as for fertiliser, or to identify any issues that need to be addressed before it is used. The test can also be used to ensure that the material is safe to handle and store and that it meets regulatory standards.

Who Is Slurry-Sludge-Manure-Compost Testing Recommended For?

Southern Scientific Services Ltd tests slurry, sludge, manure and compost for:

  • Local county council treatment plants
  • Waste management companies
  • Agricultural advisers
  • And farmers

☎️ If you’re still unsure whether you need this test, don’t hesitate to contact us here; we would be happy to advise.

What’s the process for Slurry-Sludge-Manure-Compost Testing?

We Can Do It For You In 3 Easy Steps – Simple. Clear. Accurate:

  • Simpleorder the test you need with us, and we will post your sampling kit.
  • Clear – follow the instructions, collect the sample and post it back to us the same day for next-day delivery
  • Accurate – easy-to-understand results will be sent to you by email within 14 days.

*If you prefer, you can pick up and drop off the sample at our facility or request a home/business visit with one of our specialists.

*Semisolids are sampled into a 1-litre wide-mounted plastic bottle or jar. Liquids, e.g. slurry, are sampled using a 500ml plastic narrow capped plastic bottle.

Slurry-Sludge-Manure-Compost Testing

Slurry / Compost / Sludge / Manure Suites

Suite 1 pH, N, P,K, DM%, Suite 2 Major Elements, Suite 3 Dry Matter, Suite 4 AT4 Respiration, Suite 5 Microbiological Screen, Suite 6 Extraneous Materials, Suite 7 Seed Germination Rate, Suite 8 Seven Heavy Metals, Suite 0 Individual Parameters

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