Soil & Agricultural Material Testing

Soil and Agricultural Material Testing

Our Environmental Consultancy Department is distinguished from other companies due to our access to the skilled and experienced in-house laboratory team with research capability.
Our Environmental and Planning Department provides high quality environmental monitoring, consultancy and planning services to our clients in the public sector and private sector.
Our team of environmental experts have a combined expertise gained across several environmental disciplines along with an extensive knowledge that has been accumulated over the many years of experience in the industry.

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Why Test Soil?

While it is recognised that soil testing is the cornerstone in any nutrient management planning, many farmers are still slow to participate in soil testing programmes. Soil samples in Ireland are mainly carried out for cross-compliance purposes. A 2012 Teagasc survey showed that only 41% of samples analysed are used for fertilizer planning.
Soil tests help to reduce the guesswork in fertilizer practices. Farmers who soil test know more about their soil nutrient profile and can target their fertiliser purchases accordingly.
They can make more informed buying decisions that save money in the long run. If you don’t understand the fertility status of the soils under management it is extremely difficult, costly and time-consuming to then ensure the right fertilizer product, application rate, and method of application are being used to maximise return.

Soil Facts

The average beef farm in Ireland is producing 5.5t DM/ha, while the top producers in the country are hitting, on average, 12.2t DM/ha.
By applying 5t/ha of lime to a soil pH of 5.3, grass production increases by 1.5t DM/ha.
For every extra 1t DM/ha utilised net profit increases by €105/ha (Teagasc).
For grassland farmers, Teagasc is presently working on a target of 10 dry tons of grass per hectare. Every extra ton of grass that a farmer produces is equivalent to €180.
“Only 11% of soil samples in the country are adequate for pH, P and K” If no soil test is completed and one assumes Index 3 one is likely to be wrong in 0% of fields.
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