THM In Water Test

THM In Water Test


What is the THM in Water Test? 

Trihalomethanes (THMs) are chemicals that form when organic material in treated water reacts with chlorine.

The HSE classifies THMs as possibly carcinogenic. In addition, some studies suggest that long-term exposure (years) to high levels of THMs may be linked to an increased risk of some types of cancer in humans (particularly bladder and colon cancer).

Most drinking water in Ireland comes from surface water sources such as rivers, lakes and streams. These water supplies often contain high levels of vegetation (organic
material) treated with chlorine to prevent the growth of bacteria and viruses. This increases the risk of THM contamination in Irish drinking water supplies.

Why Perform a THM in Water Test?

It is impossible to detect THMs (trihalomethanes) in water using the human senses alone, as these chemicals are odourless, colourless, and tasteless. In addition, test kits or handheld meters available outside the laboratory are much less accurate due to low sensitivity.

THMs are typically tested in a laboratory setting because the testing process requires specialized equipment and trained technicians. Our THM in Water Test will accurately detect whether or not THMs are present in your water sample.

Who Is The THM in Water Test Recommended For?

Some people may experience symptoms or health issues related to THMs exposure. These include:

  • Skin irritation, such as itching or rash
  • Eye irritation
  • Respiratory issues, such as coughing or difficulty breathing
  • Increased risk of cancer and other health issues

It’s important to note that these symptoms are not specific to THMs exposure and can also be caused by other factors. Therefore, if you have concerns about THMs in your water, it is best to have it tested by a certified laboratory.

Additionally, suppose you notice a strong chlorine smell or taste in your water. In that case, it may indicate that the water is being heavily chlorinated, which can lead to the formation of THMs. This is not a definitive sign of THMs presence, but it’s essential to be aware of it and have your water tested.

☎️ If you’re still unsure whether you need lead testing, don’t hesitate to contact us here; we would be happy to advise.

What’s The Process For The THM in Water Test?

We Can Do It For You In 3 Easy Steps – Simple. Clear. Accurate:

  • Simple – order the test, and we will post your testing kit.
  • Clear – follow the instructions, collect the sample and post it back to us the same day for next-day delivery.
  • Accurate – easy-to-understand results will be sent to you by email within 10 days

*If you prefer, you can pick up and drop off the water sample or request a home/office visit with one of our specialists. In the case of an emergency bacteria test, we will provide a next-day result service.

Clear doesn’t mean clean. Get a drinking water test to make sure today. We use science to aid us, and science does not let us down.

What Does The THM in Water Test Include?

This test is a single-parameter test for THMs in water. You will receive a report of your results via email and consultancy on how to treat it if necessary. Our THM test is ISO-17025  Accredited to ensure your water complies with national standards for the quality and safety of drinking water.

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